Klarus Design was established in 2010 as a result of spin off of a group of top designers from an industrial design studio.

What we can do

Our main focus is on the design of retail space, points of sale, P.O.S.M., commercial equipment, gift packaging. It means that we are able to conceptualise projects from packaging to creation of a store. The projects we have implemented so far include but not limited to design of bars’ interior, equipment for airports, industrial design and auto design, as well as interior design of offices and apartments.


We have an over 10-year hands-on experience in design and production of retail equipment and P.O.S.M. During this period of time our projects have been realised into thousands of objects of different size and purposes. All designers have major degree in the area and , more importantly, valuable expertise accumulated during the years of interaction with customers, constructors and manufacturers.

Why do we do it?

For the most part, we do it to manifest our philosophy of beauty and harmony in a final product and, by this token, we would like to make the world a happier place to live for everyone. There is also self-interest, i.e. we want to be surrounded by the things we like.

Our client

Our client equals our partner,the partner to achieve the mutual goal and to share the final results.


As a rule a design project contains a detail sketch with 2 or 3 types of products and description of basic materials, dimensions, manufacturing modes. Animated sketches can be provided upon request. A standard project cost includes idea sketches drawn by fineliners or pencils and provided upon request, a 3D model chosen either by a client or a designer, as well as one revision and editing. The number of versions is determined by a designer unless specified otherwise by a client. It is possible to manufacture the design documentation for the project is negotiated and paid separately.

Sample production

We also work with production companies in advertising industry. This gives us the opportunity, if necessary or desired, to produce products  for our designs. The sample produced under our supervision would be the closest to our design project and clear and understandable to other manufacturers.


Your opinion is important to us.